The Production of Smart Cities

The Production of Smart Cities: Learning from an “Actually Existing” Example in Mexico

Postdoctoral project

This project is a study of the socio-political challenges, impacts, and potentialities of smart cities within the context of the Global South. With a focus on a a smart case in Mexico, Ciudad Creativa Digital (CCD), the project aims to understand it against the background of technology-driven models of urban renewal and development.

The project’s aims are to (a) study how local decision-makers are operationalizing the smart  narrative, (b) investigate what infrastructure is being built, (c) analyze the impacts that these actions are having on everyday life, and (e) explore the extent to which the smart city project and its actors catalyze change towards a sustainable urban future. 

This project runs has close links to Smart Cities in the Global South: Contributing to Cosmopolitan Urban Studies.

Financing Body
Institute for Urban Research and The Critical Urban Sustainability Hub (CRUSH), a Strong Research Environment financed by the Swedish Research Council for Sustainable Development (FORMAS)


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