Peer-reviewed articles

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Book (peer-reviewed)

Fonseca Alfaro C (Forthcoming 2023) Producing Mayaland: Colonial Legacies, Urbanization, and the Unfolding of Global Capitalism, Wiley.

Book chapter (peer-reviewed)

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Book review

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Encyclopedia article

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Popular science

Fonseca Alfaro C (2021). Finding the secondary or overlooked city? Some methodological reflections from a postcolonial urban scholar. In: Neves Alves S and Ruszczyk H (eds), Theorizing from the overlooked city: Generating a research agenda & network on small/secondary cities, digital magazine.

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Doctoral dissertation

Fonseca Alfaro C (2018) The Land of the Magical Maya: Colonial Legacies, Urbanization, and the Unfolding of Global Capitalism. Malmö University.